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Why you need antivirus software and which one is best for your business

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It is no secret that cybercrime and information violations are increasing. As technology continues to evolve and an increasing number of people connect to the world that is electronic, the number of cyber attacks is growing and the demand for applications is greater. As stated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, "cyber intrusions are becoming more common, more dangerous and more complex" in public and private networks. In 2017, Pennsylvania ranked fifth in the number of cyber victims who had a reduction of $ 36,319,408 due to strikes and reported in the USA.





The first important question that could be asked is: "What is antivirus software?"

Simply put, it is software designed to detect, prevent and eliminate malware and viruses from your computer or computer system. These days, you will also be protected by antivirus technology. Every time you download something, start an attachment or go to a website, your computer is exposed to becoming infected with malware. The software is designed to help locate or capture these security hazards.

Unfortunately, the use of installed antivirus software does not mean that it is fully protected. Consider cybersecurity regarding the defense of play in a soccer team: not only does it have a line of protection (or in this case, security) in your group. In addition, it has other men and women, such as the linebacker or driving positions, to prevent the ball (or virus) from reaching the target.




As we mentioned, viruses are not the only threat with regard to cybersecurity. For Trojans in keylogger applications lurks in every corner of the world wide web. It is one of the reasons why caution is the best form of protection and can also help you avoid malware that your antivirus software might not detect.

What antivirus is needed to stop each of these threats? Some may say "no," but antivirus software is an essential participant in their security defense group. It will not solve all your problems, and dangers can happen, but it is a step in the ideal direction. Antivirus applications will help protect it, if your company does not have the funds for a large IT department.



Now that you know the importance of getting antivirus software, you're probably wondering which one to select. There are a number of alternatives on the market, both paid and free, but you will help through some of the small business antivirus applications and which ones could be perfect for you.


Free versus paid antivirus software


Finding the best antivirus software for the company can be daunting, and this also raises numerous questions. Is the software good enough to protect your small business? What is the corporate antivirus software for your business? Can you pay cash for applications to help protect your small business better? These are all questions that are valid, but there is no answer.

As an example, if you have a small business and only have a couple of computers with confidential information about them, using free software and teaching employees about smart security processes could be the solution for you. Avast programs, such as Windows Defender! Activation code for AVG or Malwarebytes, are examples of applications that can be used for your own computer or smaller companies. Just keep in mind that some of these free apps are licensed for use.


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