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How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

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Cyber ​​strikes are currently affecting companies in record amounts.


From scheduling recruitment appointments to CRM companies they are doing almost all their work on the web. Companies are always vulnerable to cybersecurity scams, as this has made many operations much more efficient and convenient.


According to a report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, approximately $ 600 billion has been lost annually due to cyber attacks. This will be the ways in which companies are being attacked by scammers as technology advances. In this informative article, we discuss 5 of the most effective and frequent ways by which your company can be attacked and how to protect yourself by following a couple of best cyber security practices.


1. Advanced persistent threat (APT)


These are all threats aimed at investigating vulnerabilities in your system and stealing sensitive data. APTs may go unnoticed. Originally, cybercriminals used APT to steal government or industrial secrets. Criminals use these dangers to obtain information or properties that they can market.


Some of the indicative signs that your network is infected by APT are:


Unusual data flows: This occurs if there is an abrupt flow of information to external or internal computers. The transmission can be from 1 system to another, involving servers, or from host to client computers.

Intensive use of information packets: APTs frequently collect stolen information before transferring it to the recipient's computer. This could be an indication that you are infected if you discover that information or amounts of data move in compressed formats.

An increase in the number of logins, especially during odd hours

An increase in backdoor Trojans


Access control is a good method to prevent APT. Through system access control (NAC), the IT department can block attacks through access policies and parameters.


2. Denial of service (DoS) attacks


As the name implies, these types of scams prevent the user from obtaining support such as their email or an account. The scammer achieves this by copying combined with his system and a PC. Although DoS attacks are not used to steal information or land, it can cost the victim a significant amount of money and time to renew the system.

For example, if your company uses Internet banking, you may be trying to obtain your bank account to complete an operation, but access is denied despite a reliable Internet connection. This may be a DoS attack or your Internet service provider may be in downtime.


Although it is almost impossible to avoid DoS attacks, you can take advantage of antivirus software along with a firewall to decrease the possibility of your system. You can ask the system administrator to strengthen your firewall policies.


3. IoT hacking


IoT includes a community of gadgets connected to the internet. In a business environment, IoT devices can include elements such as thermostat locks, DVRs, etc. IoT devices can be used to damage the business. For example, the devices have no security attributes, which exposes one. As an example, if a worker connects a physical activity tracker, he is subject to pirates, since it is possible that the tracker does not have antivirus or firewall.


One method to prevent cyber attacks and IoT attacks is to update and clean old programs. You no longer use any attributes on your own IoT devices. Do your homework before getting any device. Use passwords that are safe. Check continuously on the best way to manage your accessibility and these devices. A firewall and intrusion detection method can help when you are under attack, you understand.


4. Structured query language (SQL)


Although this is a piracy technique that has been found a little over a decade before, it turns out to be powerful to date. SQL is a control language that is used in databases such as MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Although SQL attacks could affect, they are used to attack websites. A case study of an SQL injection is that the assault on Yahoo.


An SQL attack can allow the user to do things like modify the content of your website and also capture information such as account credentials.

Normally, an SQL assault has two phases, in other words, recognition phase and assault. Throughout the phase of those cyber attacks, the attacker sends an unexpected value and observes that his software reacts. In the attack phase, the scammer embeds it within an SQL command in contrast to the data and includes an entry. Then, the command is executed by the database.


The first step towards avoiding SQL attacks would be to determine if some of the programs are vulnerable. This can be achieved by using an automated SQL injection tool by initiating attacks.


5. Man attacks in the middle (MiTM)


An attack occurs when a third thing intercepts communication between individuals. This interception could occur in the types of communication that involve networks, web browsing, emails, etc. Not only are their conversations intercepted by scammers, but the relevant information could be directed by them on their business device. You can block access to messages or redirect information to a user.


MiTM attacks can be avoided by using an encryption mechanism on almost any wireless access point. This prevents customers from linking to a company's network. The stronger the encryption, the more powerful your system will be. VPNs are a method to protect confidential data. When producing a tunnel they operate vPNs. The use of intrusion detection methods will help when someone hijacks your system, you detect it. Download webroot geek squad to protect your system from cyber attacks.


Even if you have done everything necessary to protect your company's strikes, they could occur. Be sure to make a backup of the data that is crucial. Access is controlled by and for files that are physical. Normal reduces the chances of tampering, destruction and theft. Have your workers detect security measures, including password review and creation. It is also a good idea to have a degree of cybersecurity.


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