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5 Free and Useful Antivirus for Windows

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Antivirus for Windows is a problem among consumers. There will always be disagreements about which is the "best" and which offers maximum protection. Manufacturers are complicit in this, as they emphasize their attributes and market their products so that users proceed to some premium subscription of the applications. The product chosen by users will choose again.


I don't perform any antivirus in any way, not even Windows Defender on my Windows PC. Security is a theory, not a commodity, although this may seem risky. No, and browsing habits, maintaining along with compressed files that open attachments and emails will keep users safe, and with common sense, can avoid the pitfalls of an Internet world.



However, having a Product in your own body can provide peace of mind to people who are users or people who are prepared to face only the Internet frontier.


There are many and it is a summary, without any order of preference.


1. AVG Free Antivirus


AVG is one of those best known antivirus applications and contains free and premium options. It gives you a bit of everything for security and some attributes in which sellers block their subscription version. AVG includes a scanner, email, download scan along with also a web filter to keep your browsing safe. There are no real inconveniences, except that it could be too simple for some, for this product the advantages of the zero cost point along with performance make it a fantastic selection.


2. Avast


Avast is another favorite security alternative. It is the advantage of looking for types of danger, along with the configuration provides a degree of control over what they do not do and what users need. It doesn't have exactly the swelling that software has that is completely free.

Avast has a real time that works with web filtering to function as a defense. It is a web delivery of documents that you suspect as an advantage, the Avast scanner allows you to understand what devices are in your system and could be malicious. If that is not enough, Avast can scan your device for drivers or software. The problem is that the free version does not offer repair. The performance is excellent and the program does not interfere with the use.


3. Kaspersky Antivirus 2018


It is an antivirus Your choice is influenced by a company established in Russia, but does not allow the political climate. This year's launch is a return to form. Like the program's email, real-time scanning and filtering are normal, however, Kaspersky is a step up from other providers. The effectiveness of this software is very good for system tools, along with simplicity means that anyone can install and neglect. The interface is simple and can be kept free of clutter. Give it a try.


4. Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus


Webroot is a creature. It is a good position for both commercial and domestic use, but I don't really find it effective. Follow a philosophy that is different and this can be reflected. Webroot secureanywhere will not monopolize system resources, and it can be an advantage if you achieve this by using detection. Customers are required to have an active link and it could be argued that when an individual is offline, then he has a lower risk, but what happens if the documents have been downloaded and not opened or decompressed? Apparently, the program is the opposite option.


5. Panda Antivirus


Regardless of the name, Panda is a business with a significant mentality towards virus defense. It has a detection rate of 100% and a footprint in the system tools. It is a scan, along with a rescue kit to recover your device in case the boot partition is attacked by malware.

Like the program, real-time scanning and a compromised "player form" mean that consumers are not bothered by alarms when they work or play. Together with Webroot, this program is based on cleaning and detection, in which bandwidth is restricted or can be debated in signal regions, such as.


There are many more. As I mentioned at the beginning, and companies that offer malware and virus alternatives, users will have their taste, and there is no incorrect or correct answer to the question about which free antivirus should use. Before compromising the path would be to try products. The response of each software provider will work, since the configuration of each system is different.


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