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What is Trojan Horse and Types of Trojan Virus

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Cybercriminals use Trojans to spy on the gain, the victim user accesses the machine to extract sensitive information.


These activities may include:


• Delete data


• Copy data


• modify data


• Data blocks


• Disrupts the operation of the target networks or computers




Types of Trojan virus (updated in August 2019)


1. Trojan-Downloader: is a form of virus that installs and downloads malware.


2. Trojan-Droppers are complicated programs used by cybercriminals to install malware. Antivirus programs do not detect too malicious drippers, and are used to introduce viruses.


3. Ransomware: is a type of Trojan (Trojan - ransom) that can encrypt information on your own computer/device. It would require a ransom for providing the decryption key. It is complicated to retrieve the information. Petya and WannaCry were ransomware attacks. Cybersecurity experts urge users to follow a solid and systematic backup and recovery coverage


4. Trojan-Banker malware programs steal information related to the account associated with card payments and Internet banking.


5. Trojan-Rootkits stops the detection of malware and malicious actions on the PC. These are malicious programs that provide device management for their victims. Rootkits are used to register the patient's device.

6. Trojan-Backdoor is a favorite type of Trojan. It produces a backdoor to allow cybercriminals to obtain the PC later from a distance with a remote access tool (RAT). Since this Trojan provides full control over the computer, it is a dangerous but used Trojan.


There are many types of Trojans: a few can send superior SMS, steal their messaging credentials and spy for information, steal grades and game directions.



Back door

Hackers have access to take control of the computer that is infected by a backdoor Trojan. They induce the hacker to operate on the computer according to the objectives. They filter information, receive, delete and start documents, can send and restart the PC. Hackers use backdoor Trojans to exploit a set of computers to create botnets or a zombie system that can be used for criminal purposes.


To take advantage of

Exploit is a type of Trojan that includes information or a code to attack.



Writers develop rootkits to gain access while they implement on the computer that was infected and hide their actions or their existence so that they are not discovered to expand their existence.



This is a type of Trojan designed to extract debit consumer account information or credit card information through banking methods.



These programs are designed to perform denial of service (DOS) attacks to infect the victim's web address. The program sends multiple users on the victim PC and forms a system.

Trojan downloader

Trojan-Downloaders as the name implies, hackers develop it to install and download new versions of programs on the victim's computer.


Trojan dropper

These programs are manufactured by writers to place Trojans / viruses and escape the detection of malicious programs. Most conventional antivirus programs are ineffective in scanning all the elements of this Trojan.



Trojan-FakeAV programs are intended to function as an antivirus program. Cyber ​​thieves develop them to receive money accordingly, from their target user, to detect and eliminate threats.



Thief's goals are players and its purpose is to steal the details of the consumer's account.



Trojan-IM programs mainly obtain the logins and passwords of users of Facebook Messenger, Skype, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Pager, AOL and more.



Therefore, the machine does not perform its function: trojan-Ransom is designed to change the information on the victim's computer and does not allow the user to use data. The offender will require the patient to pay a ransom to unlock access and restore computer performance.


Trojan-SMS programs send text messages on the victim's device to phone numbers.



Trojan-Spy programs, as the name implies, can spy on the victim using the computer's tracking information, taking screenshots or extracting a list of programs.



These programs are manufactured by hackers to extract email addresses.



Criminals send emails with attachments or links. Users are fooled by the ads that were attractive and provide and if they open the attachment or click on the links, they get their device.


Installation The endpoint protection program is crucial and could help users stay before Trojan attacks. Norton.com/setup Protection incorporates an incomparable antivirus, a robust firewall program control with methods to prevent host intrusions, all in a console protection. The Norton protection system features a future test technology known as the registration disk, environment and COM interface. If any unknown file tries to put in the system, it will continue its action. On the other hand, the action is limited in the environment. This ensures that the registry and documents of your systems are not infected. With the containment technologies of all Norton, all kinds of diseases are at bay.


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