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You must know about Norton antivirus program

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Everyone understands who Norton is. This company has been producing cybersecurity applications for some time. Actually, if you hear the term, Norton, you probably think immediately of "antivirus" or "security." Norton is an excellent company that has been trusted for many years, today, and will be reliable for a long time.


Norton is flexible, and we love that it can protect anything from a laptop to an infinite number of tablets, tablets and smartphones with superior malware detection.


Although we understand and adore Norton, we test its security system and naturally support everything we knew. Here are some more valuable attributes we discover that include ALL Norton merchandise:


• Antivirus protection


• Support program


• Cloud storage


• Password Supervisor


• A bidirectional firewall


• Infinite VPN support


• Webcam protection


• black web tracking


Let's see some of them in detail:


Antivirus security


Norton gets a high score in the antivirus protection class. Each of the products protects against spam, malware, phishing attacks and malicious email attachments, and all include browser extensions to avoid potentially harmful sites.


For example, in the Windows 10 assessments of the German AV-Test laboratory from January to June of the year, Norton scored 100% in virus detection. That is remarkable, since we did not discover any other brand that obtained 100 percent in virus capture.


Cybersecurity and privacy features


Beyond Norton, the protection analyzes your system for additional weak areas, such as outdated applications, where hackers try to enter.


Norton products also contain all the company information you want to keep, in addition to a Norton password manager that monitors your passwords. When you have a manager, simplifying your own life by 20, you must remember a password.


SecureVPN en You trigger a VPN connection. You will never have to worry about losing anything.


Additional benefits


Your scan has also accelerated the process. They used to be, we can say that, quite slow, and you could do anything but wait, as soon as the program scanned the PC. The Norton program scans are faster and simpler: they do not slow down your PC while discovering threats, and you can surf the world wide web or write an email.


When it comes to customer service, Norton is among the best. You will receive a telephone service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for technical and billing problems, along with a live customer support chat service to get an answer.


In addition, you can find a period of 60 days until you get it, proof of some of the Norton products you can use. What a deal!


Our final verdict


Norton setup with product key is among the best trusted online security programs in the market. Norton will not protect your computer, but it will keep you more secure while protecting your data while online.





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