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What are the benefits of AVG antivirus and why is it worth installing it

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Any device needs antivirus protection since the security of the built-in system does not correspond to practical solutions.

Countless millions of people worldwide use free antivirus software, and also the ideal antivirus is AVG Antivirus.

As a result of exceptional Internet security programs and a wide range of purposes, including obstacles to tracking through a webcam, AVG provides reliable security, along with the paid version that reaches a new level of security.

What are the advantages of this antivirus and if it is worth it?

As mentioned earlier, the main version of AVG Antivirus is completely free and has excellent performance.

That is the first quality that distinguishes it from comparable services. It is not necessary to cover money to protect your computer.

Okay, but we will dedicate the fundamental area of ​​focus to technical characteristics, since it affects the overall impression.


1. General security

In line with the results of the analysis of antivirus programs, AVG Antivirus ranks first. AVG washed them and discovered 97 percent of these dangers. Due to the AV test, he scored high in several ways.

These are all exceptional results for free applications.

It may not be known as the best, since it is prior to McAfee, Kaspersky and BitDefender, but one of the open section is worthy of its first ranking.

Newer versions have improved privacy protection.

This section detects files that contain confidential information regarding users and also provides the ability to "protect" access to such documents from unauthorized applications and unauthorized persons.


2. Security against email scammers and obligations

In addition, it is about safety, but we would love to emphasize this product individually. Business products check your email for all types of spam, which can be misleading applications.

If AVG considers that the site you see to make a purchase is questionable, it will inform you and help protect your personal data and password.


3. Ransomware firewall

AVG is not just an antivirus tool.

The company also provides an innovative firewall that prevents any questionable activity and that visitors access your computer or personal device.

Ransomware security incorporates routine scanning and a specific folder to encrypt data, where you can save your important documents, photos and much more, to make sure nobody can steal them.

You can also select which applications can make changes to those files.


4. Protection of the webcam

Another intriguing feature is that the security of the webcam, which blocks any inquisitive user's access to the webcam on their personal computer or another device, prevents spying on it.

Hackers can use cameras to steal your private information or perhaps take it illegally to your property.

Therefore, you must be cautious and protect such a simple instrument.


5. Protection of Internet action

AVG Internet TuneUp provides the Don't Track part, which evaluates each web page visited and blocks the monitoring components.

By default, the function is disabled, however, it is suggested to activate it. In cases like this, most trackers will be blocked by AVG.

The Browser Cleaner function filters online action data, for example, browsing history, stored auto-complete information, cookies and allows you to delete them with one click. It is practical and practical.


6. Computer productivity improves

While other antivirus can slow down your PC, AVG, on the other hand, improves its own performance.

Programs that have a large number of resources and, therefore, are rarely used, the exceptional complement is submerged in the sleep mode, which decreases the load on the system.

Because of this, the computer works faster and without failures.


7. Ease of configuration and use

Simplicity naturally plays an important role when using an antivirus.

AVG has a very simple and intuitive interface.

The main screen has five tabs that alert you to the security of each region of the personal computer. A single click on the Scan Computer button allows you to apply or you can choose one of six types of scans.



If you are interested in finding a simple and strong antivirus, then AVG product key will be the optimal solution.

It does not require unnecessary expenses and reliably protects your PC against attacks and viruses.

It occupies a prominent place among comparable antivirus and must be configured.


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