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An analysis of why you need Antivirus Software

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Simply put, the problem with viruses or specifically other types of malware has not been fixed.


A lot of that.


The Times, when security researchers discovered that some new viruses every day have long since disappeared: now they are discovering tens of thousands of new dangers daily and many of them are not viruses, but Trojans, designed to steal your information or recruit your PC to a botnet.


Motivated by money instead of illustrations or the development of specialized skills, contemporary malware would be the antithesis of these viruses for the days you don't want to attract attention.


Now, we are not likely to try to scare you by stating that this means that the computer is infected at this time: it may or may not be, depending on the security applications you have installed and also the way you use your device - We would say that it is a possibility .


Machines connected to the network are vulnerable.


There are still more vulnerabilities, although over time, programmers have improved the security of operating systems, routers and browsers.


Perhaps not only the `` bad guys '' are no longer just wolves: they are organized criminals who seek to benefit from their individuality, access bank accounts, borrow their computer assets to launch DDoS attacks on unfortunate victims or send thousands of emails garbage to your title.


These people are well funded, organized and gifted and it is no secret that a number is only one step ahead of their "men."


So what opportunity would you have against bad actors, in case your PC is not protected by you?

What problems can you expect if security is not taken seriously?


The potential problems are immense due to the large amount that is generated every day and each one.


That said, most could be classified into a band of hazards that were broader.


In the first days of calculation, old viruses were often simply an aggravating factor, they displayed screens and revealed their "ability" to whoever was responsible for programming.


However, the most malicious viruses went one step further, altering the master boot record (MBR) on your computer's hard drive, leaving it unusable and possibly corrupting the information stored on it.


Although this type of attack vector is not frequent, it has some ransomware, which will block a hard drive with encryption.


Then, you will find Trojans, called by the horse of the legend, used by the Greeks to get the entrance they hide by doing what they are ordered as a backdrop as we have mentioned.


Spyware and adware.


Embedded in your browser, then these parts of the code see where you are going, see what you do, reduce the speed of your PC and return to whoever controls it and contributes to an invasion of your privacy, as well as the dangers related to having your private data in the hands of a criminal, or even a gain in the amount of ads that you noticed when surfing the Internet, directed or not.


Criminals no longer need to rely on floppy disks: they can also spread their products through USB sticks, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, through networks, even through sites that are fake, in different ways, in addition, through WiFi and contaminated sites.


If you do not have mcafee com activate product key antivirus software installed and participate in risky behavior (ignore browser security warnings, click on anonymous hyperlinks in emails, link to anonymous networks, visit sites of a particular character, etc.), then the chance of your system becoming infected is much greater.


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