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Top tips to keep your home Wi-Fi network secure

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Today the internet is like one of the basic requirements for living. With increasing advancement, numbers of internet users are also increasing. People use the internet in their mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktop PCs, Mac devices, etc. Almost every family member use personal mobile phones. With the Internet of Things, Wi-Fi makes it easy to use the internet with one ISP connection. With Wi-Fi, you can access the internet from every corner of your home. But using Wi-Fi without safety measures can get you into various troubles. If you want to keep your devices, network, and data secure then firstly you have to secure your Wi-Fi connection.


Here are some tips for keeping your Wi-Fi secure from unauthorized access:


Change the default name

The basic and most important step for securing your home network is changing the default or you can say SSID of your Wi-Fi. Don't use too provoking name; set a name which can hide the model of your Wi-Fi. Never use a name such as "Nancy's Wi-Fi". These kinds of Wi-Fi name; a hacker can easily find which network is yours.


Keep your network password protected

Every router has a preset user-id and password. The first thing after installing the Wi-Fi connection is to change the name and use a strong and unique password. Password is the defense wall against all unauthorized access on your network. Keep a strong password which should be at least 15 digits long; it should contain some alpha-numeric characters and special characters. With a strong password; hacker can't crack your password by guessing. Make sure you are not using passwords such as your phone number, address, etc. You should change your Wi-Fi regularly like once in a month. If any unauthorized device is connected to your network; he can't able to access the network after changing the password. If you are facing trouble in handling the password; use a password manager. Norton Com Setup can keep all passwords safe and secure.


Enable network encryption from settings

Today usually all routers have encryption feature. But this feature is off by default. Enable network encryption feature immediately after installing the Wi-Fi. WPA2 is good and effective for network encryption.


Turn off your router when not in use

If you are not using the internet then you should disable the wireless network. If you are going outside then always turn off your router so nobody can access your network. With this practice, your network is secure even when you are not at home because hackers may be monitoring you are trying to enter in your network when you are away.


Keep your router in a secured place

The best and most reliable place for keeping your router secure is the middle of your home. With this, you can easily access the internet from every corner. It also helps to range the router within your home.


If you are using Wi-Fi then you should always use a good antivirus in your device which provides VPN and firewall. Norton Com Setup is very helpful for preventing data breaches. Not only this, with antivirus you can enjoy net surfing, online shopping securely in your home network.


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